Part marketing, part rocket science…

Take your average rocket ship, for example. Twenty tons of metal doesn't just blast into space without some seriously efficient engineering. Every last nut and bolt must be light, dependable and absolutely necessary or it's just not gonna fly. Through 17 years in the ad business, let's just say we've seen our fair share of extra nuts—so we created LaunchPad as a more efficient alternative.

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.
Contracting with a talented network of marketing and design professionals allows us to tailor our resources to the needs of each individual client, avoiding extraneous overhead. Better yet, it allows us to hand-pick those creative and technical folks best suited to the demands of each project. The result: lower cost, higher quality. Now that's efficiency.

More bang. Less buck.
Our favorite thing about modern technology is that it simply makes life more efficient—a big plus for small budgets. From interactive to print and beyond, the right combination of strategy and technology can make any marketing budget look big. The goal for our clients: spend less, reach more people. Gotta love that rocket science.

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